Homework Help

Homework help is designed for students of all grade levels who need assistance with the homework from their school. Students have the opportunity to receive guidance and assistance from a credentialed and subject competent teacher.

How to schedule homework help?

Homework help can be scheduled online, in-home, or at the local library.  Call us at 877-823-0002 or email 300@tcdkids.org for more details.

How does it work?

Our teachers are here to minimize whatever frustration your child may experience.  Our job is to guide your child into finding the right answer and reinforce the skills being taught at school.

Local Park
If you’re interested in our Homework Help enrichment course provided at the Lomita Park, click here.

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TCD Kids Foundation ™ is a non-profit organization that offers private tutoring, homework help, and enrichment courses to local parks, libraries, schools, and more.

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