Junior Art

Junior Art is a visual arts enrichment course that is designed for elementary students who love to paint, sculpt, and create works of art through coloring, sketching, molding, and more. Students utilize paint colors, stencils, popsicle sticks, play dough, and more in order to stimulate their creative imaginations. This course is coming to the South Bay in January 2017. Contact us for details.

Learning Objectives – The student will:

1.1 Demonstrate the ability to mix primaries to create secondary colors.

1.2 Identify characteristic of and use of organic and geometric shapes.

1.3 Develop fine motor skills through tracing and sculpting.

1.4 Use art tools and materials safely and independently.

1.5 Generate & express ideas independently and as a group.



TCD Kids Foundation is reading Art for kids drawing. TCD Kids Foundation is reading Art Lab for Little Kids. Check out our Junior Arts enrichment course.

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