Sign-Set-Go is a mommy and me enrichment course designed to teach toddlers (ages 2 – 4) and their parents how to sign. Emphasis is placed upon the alphabet, colors, simple conversation, and appropriate use of sign and speech during meal and school time. This course provides a kid-friendly atmosphere where children and parents can learn ASL together. Activities include reading, singing, gross motor play, and more.

Why sign up? Research shows that kids who learn sign language have a higher cognitive and emotional development. This course is coming to the South Bay in January 2017. Contact us for details.

Learning Objectives – The student will:

1.1  Learn basic vocabulary and possess basic grammar skills for communication.
1.2  Make introductions and share personal information about themselves and their family.
1.3  Recite the alphabet and their primary colors through singing and repetition.
1.4 Use basic strategies for establishment and maintenance of conversations and relationships.
1.5 Practice using appropriate sign and speech to identify items and people at school.


TCD Kids Foundation is reading Learn to Sign the Fun Way. Check out Sign-Set-Go, our enrichment course for toddlers.TCD Kids Foundation is reading Sign Language My First 100 Words. Check out Sign-Set-Go, our enrichment course for toddlers.

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