Young Writers

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Young Writers is an enrichment course designed for elementary students who have a love for writing. Students will learn the writing process in a fun and engaging way plus practice their prewriting, drafting, editing, and publishing skills, all in 8 weeks.

Learning Objectives – The student will:TCD Kids Foundation offers private tutoring, homework help, and enrichment courses to youth. Check out our Young Writers course.
1.1 Respond to works of fiction
1.2 Learn the writing process
1.3 Participate in group discussions
1.4 Explore new genres
1.5 Demonstrate peer and self-editing techniques
1.6 Engage in informal and formal writing assignments

Sign up for session 1 or session 2 of our Young Writers Enrichment Course at the Marine Ave Park. Click here to sign up for the course at the Clubhouse on Pine Ave. Search for barcode 17586.



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