Private Tutoring

TCD Kids Foundation offers tutoring, homework help, and more.

Core subject areas: Math, English, History, Science

Options: In-home, online, at the local library, and in-center (coming soon)

Prices: Call 877-823-0002 or email for details

3 plans: Buy time by minutes, by hours or monthly

LearnRus is a tutoring program which is designed as a supplementary resource for K-12 students. The purposeĀ  is to increase academic achievement so that all children can become productive citizens. We offer private tutoring in Math, English, History, Science, SAT Prep, CST Prep, CAHSEE Prep and more. Our tutors are credentialed and/or subject competent providing sessions either in your home, online, or one-on-one at a designated facility.

Students receive individualized instruction in efforts to increase their present level of performance. Each student will be given an assessment to determine their abilities. Goals and Objectives will be given based the assessment. Tutors create personalized curriculum and lessons for each student. Instruction for special education is multi-modal. It appeals to the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learner.

We believe that every child can be successful with just a little help. Parents who are unable to afford our services and meet income requirements will be given up to 25 hours of free tutoring services per year. We will verify if their child receives free and/or reduced lunch through their school and/or from other supporting documents.

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