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LearnRus is our tutoring program which is designed as a supplementary resource for K-12 students. Students receive tutoring in core academic subjects in efforts to increase the student’s present level of performance. Each student will be given an assessment to determine their abilities. Goals and Objectives will be given based on assessment.

We believe that through standard-based instruction, alternative strategies, multi-modal instruction, various tutoring formats, and technology, we can improve each child’s academic skills and performance. We believe that every child can be successful with just a little help.

Core subject areas: Math, English, History, Science

Options: In-home, online, at the local library, and in-center (coming soon)

Prices: Call 877-823-0002 or email for details

3 plans: Buy time by minutes, by hours or monthly

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TCD Kids Foundation ™ is a non-profit organization that offers private tutoring, homework help, and enrichment courses to local parks, libraries, schools, and more.

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