TCD Kids Foundation

TCD Kids Foundation was founded in 2008 by a credentialed teacher who understands the needs of our children. TCD Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides an array of services to youth. We offer educational resources, enrichment classes, reading material, tutoring, mentoring, service learning, community based projects, supplementary curriculum as well as the integration of technology into the core curriculum.

Our mission is to use technology and new age forms of communication, education, and innovation to empower future generations. TCD Kids Foundation supports the big idea that every child can learn. Our organization was built on the premise that every child can learn one mind at a time. We have several programs which include: LearnRus, STCSTW, Community and more. Our versatile organization provides each child with a chance to grow through different avenues of education.

TCD which stands for Total Child Development focuses on the child as a whole. We are the complete package. We are different than traditional mentoring and tutoring agencies who focus only on one aspect of the child. We target academics, self-esteem, family development, community awareness and more. Although we educate all children, we have a particular focus on at risk youth, children in the foster care system, and students with learning disabilities.

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