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LearnRus is a tutoring program geared toward educating every child. The purpose of LearnRus is to increase academic achievement so that all children can become productive citizens. We offer tutoring in Math, English, History, Science, SAT Prep, CST Prep, CAHSEE Prep, and more. Our tutors are credentialed and/or subject competent. Our tutors either travel to your home, offer online services, or provide one-on-one sessions at a designated facility.

TCD Kids Foundation

Save the Child Save the World (STCSTW) is a mentoring program geared toward empowerment, enrichment and building long lasting relationships for at risk and low socioeconomic kids primarily those that are in the foster care system. Students who are in our program can receive free mentoring services. We provide each child with a big sister or big brother and continually provide services throughout the year. We monitor the progress of each child until they are ready to graduate from high school. Throughout the year, we participate in activities such as: educational based field trips, book drives, feeding the homeless, community awareness, career development, job fairs, entrepreneur workshops, college fairs, talent shows, bowling nights, etc. Each year we offer 3 scholarships to those who are a part of our mentoring program who meet specific requirements.

TCD Kids FoundationCommunity is an outreach and service learning program that is geared toward helping students give back to their communities. Events include: book drives, spelling bees, canned food drives, college tours, recycling, feeding the homeless, and more. We utilize an events calendar and classified portal where local teachers, parents, and students can post local events, provide resources and other services related to their local neighborhoods. Pride of ownership in a child’s community creates an environment where families stay together.

Reading Builds Character is a reading program and nationwide initiative created by Building Voices. TCD Kids has formed a partnership with Building Voices in order to encourage kids to read at least 15 minutes per day.  TCD Kids has designed this enrichment course for elementary students who love to read. Students will read aloud, discuss vocabulary, word origins, and write a 1 page summary each week. Low income students may qualify for free books in efforts to motivate them to devote their time to reading.

Homework Help is designed for students of all grade levels who need assistance with the homework from their school. Students have the opportunity to receive guidance and support from an educational expert. Homework Help is different than a tutoring session. Homework Help is designed to mimic the K-12 setting, but provide additional time and strategies for the child to use independently at home. Our instructors are trained to create similar learning environments that reinforce the rigor taught at school.

Entrepreneurship is an enrichment course designed for high school students who are interested in starting their own business. Students will discuss the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and will have an opportunity to write a business plan. They are presented with real life scenarios and receive strategies from professionals in the industry.


Test Prep Courses are designed to assist students with standardized tests and entry level college exams. Students take a 4 week prep course in one of the following areas: SAT, CST, PSAT, ACT and/or CAHSEE. The goal is to provide each student with test taking skills and prepare them for test. After the end of course, each student receives a certificate of completion.

Formal Assessments
TCD Kids Foundation will formally assess your child’s present level of performance in the following areas: Math Calculations, Math Applications, Reading Decoding, Reading Comprehension and Writing Applications.

phoneEducatext was created to bridge the communication gap that exists between schools and parents. This app is designed to help parents, teachers, and educators teach their kids through technology. Send and share quotes, educational facts, homework reminders and more from our built-in student categories. Need to know the largest body of water or maybe the 44th President? It’s all here at your fingertips.

Educatext is a motivational tool and a resource to help your child succeed. Start off by using this resource to motivate and challenge your child to achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of any subject matter.

Educatext is a game changer smart phone application that brings with it opportunities to not only open new inroads into the use of digital technology for the classroom of the future, but to also help improve student performance at the same time. The successful validation of this cutting edge technology will only serve to validate the potential of the smart phone as a vital component of the classroom of tomorrow. TCD Kids Foundation utilizes Educatext as a teaching tool to reach students and help them become more successful.

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